On Moody Bluegrass Two...Much Love (From Vintage Guitar, October 2011)

"Concept albums that take music from one genre and shoehorn it into another often produce sketchy results.  But the first Moody Bluegrass album brought some to the realization they actually prefer acoustic reinterpretations to an artists’ original recordings. Mandolinist Dave Harvey is joined here by guitarist Tim May, dobroist Andy Hall, and bassist Andy Todd to form the core band, just as they did on Moody Bluegrass One. 

Tim O’Brien, Harley Allen, Sam Bush, Larry Cordle, Alison Brown, and John Cowan also make return appearances. New faces include Vince Gill, Peter Rowan, Ricky Skaggs, Jon Randall, Ronnie Bowman,and original Moody Blues members John Lodge, Justin Hayward, GraemeEdge,  Ray Thomas, and Mike Pinder. Sure, that’s a lot of personnel, but they’re spread over 16 songs.

The tunes on MB2 might not be as well known as the selections on MB1, but with the help of his superstar cast, Harvey imbues even the most obscure Moody Blues tunes with a new sense of immediacy. Tim O’Brien’s almost deadpan vocal delivery on “DearDiary” captures the song’s essence, as does Peter Rowan’s more histrionic lead on “Dawn is a Feeling.”  One of the Moodys’ better-known songs,“Tuesday Afternoon,” serves as a fine vehicle for John Cowan to deliver his trademark soaring vocals.If you are a fan of the Moody Blues or bluegrass, you’ll find plenty to like on MB2. While it may not be as game changing as the first Moody Bluegrass album, it proves something worth doing once is worth doing twice."

– SS



On Moody Bluegrass Vol I

"We have had so many cover versions over the years, some good, some bad, but only one, Moody Bluegrass, stood out. It was the only one, on the first listen, that ever made me emotional. Fueled by the imagination of Randey Faulkner and the creativeness of David Harvey, Nashville's most outstanding musicians brought a new dimension to our songs."
-Ray Thomas (co-founder of the Moody Blues)

"The integrity of the music and the musicianship was wonderful."
John Lodge

"I played it, and I just fell in love with it."
-Justin Hayward (
Moody Blues singer )

"Thank you for making this CD. It's outstanding, and I can't stop listening to it."
-Tom Gillem

On Moody Bluegrass LIVE

"...the stage was filled with talent!"

"It was a night to cherish and I
forever reserve a place in my heart
for your fine MBG artists."

" event that is like no other."

"I heard numerous people talking...expressing their
gratitude and amazement at what they had just experienced."