Moody Bluegrass Two... Much Love CD - $14.95

EXCITING NEWS! Moody Blues members appear!

For the first time in over 30 years, Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Graeme Edge, Ray Thomas & Mike Pinder appear on the same record.  Hear Justin, John and Graeme sing one of their original songs in a ‘Bluegrass Style’.  Hear Ray play his “Fluegrass” and Mike add his charm with “Mellotron/Mellograss/Bluetron”. 

Couple that with Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush, Peter Rowan, John Cowan, Jan Harvey, Larry Cordle, Harley Allen, Emma Harvey, Jon Randall, Ronnie Bowman and Tim O’Brien all singing Moody Blues classics and you have a record that will stand the test of time…just as the songs themselves have.  A must for your collection!  Listeners have said: Upon hearing Moody Bluegrass music they were filled with amazement and one even said, “Moody Bluegrass music makes me Happy”.  You can own it today, and you can preview several tracks at the bottom of this page.  We ship immediately.  Yoiu can also purchase digital downloads at the links below.

The CD includes the following tracks:

1 I Know You're Out There - Vince Gill
2 Nice To Be Here - Sam Bush
3 Dear Diary - Tim O'Brien
4 Meanwhile - Harley Allen
5 Dawn Is A Feeling - Peter Rowan 
6 Cold Outside Your Heart - Justin Hayward
7 You & Me - Ricky Skaggs
8 Say It With Love - Jan Harvey
9 Send Me No Wine - John Lodge
10 Story In Your Eyes - Ronnie Bowman
11 Voices In The Sky - Emma Harvey
12 Have You Heard - Larry Cordle
13 Higher And Higher - Graeme Edge
14 Tuesday Afternoon - John Cowan
15 Highway - Jon Randall
16 Lost Chord - David Harvey & Tim May
Compact Disc
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