Moody Bluegrass - Volume 1 CD - $15.95
The first installment of Moody Bluegrass contains 12 Moody Blues covers that translate the original music seamlessly and beautifully into bluegrass with the genius production of David Harvey. A bonus poster is included with the CD which features the Moody Bluegrass lovers image.  Purchase digital files from at the link below the track listing.

Track Listing

 1. Lovely To See You - Harley Allen
 2. Land Of Make Believe - Tim O'Brien with Alison Krauss
 3. The Voice - John Cowan
 4. The Other Side Of Life - Larry Cordle
 5. It's Up To You - Jan Harvey
 6. Ride My See Saw - Emma Harvey
 7. I'm Just A Singer In A Rock & Roll Band - John Cowan             
    with Sam Bush
 8. Legend Of A Mind - Tim O'Brien with John Randall
 9. Your Wildest Dreams - Harley Allen
10. Nights In White Satin - John Cowan with Alison Krauss         
     and Sam Bush
11. Late Lament - Larry Cordle
12. Never Comes The Day - John Cowan
Compact Disc